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The City of Waterdeep
"The Dockward"

Waterdeep is one of Faerūn's largest, and most populated City.

It is also called "The City of Splendor's" due to so many amazing locations within the city. The City is broken up into different Wards, This page covers the Dock ward, and all important locations on the map below.

The Dock ward is where all the ships carrying cargo supplies to sell or trade unload. There are a few markets in the Dock Ward as well as a great many number of specialty shops.

There are many shops in Waterdeep, and lots of places to visit. You can exit the city, and the
Click on this Link For MoreThe South Gate which will take you to the Tradeway that runs all the way from Mirabar to Baldur's Gate all the way south to Calimport!


NPC Here you will meet a Click on this Link For MoreShip Captain, his large Ship can take you to The Haunted Isle! 

It's become a popular place to visit for adventurers to test their mettle in battle, or clerics honing their skills of turning and cleansing the lands of Undead.

The Haunted Isle isn't easy, so it is recommended you be
at least level 25 to be safe. There are many creepy areas on that Island, do you have the guts to set sail there?


The Copper Cup Tavern is another famous Bar, but famous for all the wrong reasons. Fights break out nearly every night. 

The Barkeep Owner, even keeps steel in hand, ready for some drunken dolt to attack him. Waterdavian Guardsmen are often called to either jail an offender, or making them leave.

Here, you will find good Beers and Wines. The Food is somewhat bland, but that is to be expected at a lower
class bar. Just don't tell Damon! If you decide to enter this Tavern, keep steel at the ready, and a keen eye

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because not only do you have to worry about being attacked, you could also be robbed, as well!.
[New as of Version 1.93]


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NPC Voos' Magical Shop is a great little shop that sells all kinds of Magical items that are hard to find elsewhere. Voo also sells rare and unique items from time to time!


NPC These are common Click on this Link For MoreMarkets that sell foods, breads and other items of consumption. You may also see a few Markets selling building supplies--wood, oak planks, rope and other items.


The Halls of Justice is a place of Worship for Tyr. Also know as the
Temple of Tyr. You will find Tyr's worshippers here. In a future update, you will be able to become a Paladin of Tyr through good deeds. Only Lawful Good will be allowed to embark on this coming Quest. [New as of Version 1.93]


Temple of Waukeen is again, a place of worship for the God Waukeen. Here, you can visit the worshippers and make a donation. In a future update, you will be able to become a worshipper of Waukeen yourself!
[New as of Version 1.93]


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The Library of Oghma is a place of Worship for the followers of the God Oghma. Oghma is the the Lord of Knowledge, Binder of what is known, is the Neutral Greater power of Bards, Inspiration, Invention, and Knowledge, in Faerun. This Library has a few of Oghma's Monks reading and praying. A
Thief can rob the place, and move closer to an evil alignment. You can also
Donate gold to the Church of Oghma if you wish. Soon, in a future update, you will be able to join the Monks, and become a
Worshipper of Oghma, complete with matching robes!


Click on this Link For More The Guild of Mask is a secretive Guild that worships Mask, the God of Thieves. You will soon be able to join this Guild in an upcoming Update too!
[New as of Version 1.93]


Click on this Link For MoreWaterdeep Festhall is where large Parties take place from time to time. In a future update, we will have something rather interesting for this place.
[New as of Version 1.93]


A Small-time merchant that sells illegal items. [New as of Version 1.93]


Holding Pens for Market Animals. These are of no use besides looks. The animals cannot be killed, so don't even try! :)


NPC Hearthstone's Armory is one of the best places to go to buy and sell Armor for yourself. You can also forge your own items if you have the skills for it!


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NPC This very secretive place is where Elaith Craulnobur's Wares are sold. Either you are lucky enough to find this place, or you learn of it's location through those that know, its a great place to buy some extremely neat items. Elaith does charge crazy prices, but in the long run, it's worth it. 

If you do stumble into his massive warehouse and store/bar, you may be attacked by Elaith's Guards. The best way to find His store is to follow one of his runners who can be found near
Waterdeep's Docks and waters.

Elaith also has an escape door.. er, should I say, a back door into his store, which can be found down in the Waterdeep's Sewers.
[New as of Version 1.93]


Pelauvir's General Store has something for everyone. Pelauvir sells all types of items that can be found all over Waterdeep. He may have a few rare items, but nothing crazy. His pull-in is his prices. He has some of the best prices in the City.


This is where you will start, in this building, called the Yawning Portal Inn and Tavern! It is packed with loads of NPC's you can talk with.

(Which is recommended, because some of them give clues and quests to future levels in Undermountain)

You will want to talk with Durnan each time you load in, because he has a ton of great items to sell, and his store is dynamic--meaning a lower level player will see items for that level of playing. The higher the level you are, the better and deadlier the items are.

The Yawning Portal is probably the most famous Tavern in Waterdeep. The main reason is that it is home to the entrance to Undermountain, via the Water well that is in the center of the room inside! You will need to pay 1g to enter the water well, and 1g to 

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exit the well coming up. 

You will visit the Yawning Portal probably the most, out of any other building or Dungeon. Also, Durnan will buy your items and junk you have collected in Undermountain, so you can make some gold fast!

For More information on the Yawning Portal, visit the page for it Here.


There are a bunch of Sewer Grates all over the Dock ward, and each one connects to the Waterdeep Sewers. The Sewers also correspond to where you enter them. They match the Dock wards streets pretty much. Beware though, some sewer entrances you will need to enter above ground to get to underground. (One of Which is a treasure chest)

Waterdeep Sewers are inhabited to be sure. Many years ago, a Beholder named Xanathar occupied the Waterdavian sewers, as well as Drow, and many other nasty Monsters. Be ready for Oozes and Sewer Spiders on this first level of the sewers. There are also secret back entrances to both Skullport (Which has been reopened) and Elaith Craulnobur's Warehouse Store.


This ship will be opened if a future update, and will connect to a brand new island. Or maybe the Chult Jungles! [Opening in Version 1.93c]


This large Boat will soon be opened in an upcoming update, and will take you to the Isle of Twilight. This is going to be a really great place to visit!
[Opening in Version 1.93a]


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This is one of the main exits from Waterdeep, and Click on this Link For MoreThese Gates exit to the Tradeway road, which is a good area for lower level players to fight creatures and get XP. The Tradeway Also goes to the Trollmoor Swamp, Trollbark Forest and the Tradeway North and South. (The Tradeway road runs for hundreds of miles north to south, and is one of Faeruns main trade routes!


Click on this Link For More[Click to Enlarge]Click on this Link For More

These are the Gates to Waterdeep's Castle Ward. Inside the Castle Ward are more shops, which are higher end. The wealthy live in this ward, and this ward is home to Castle Waterdeep where the Lords of Waterdeep meet and discuss the City's business and issues.


NPC Quest Waterdeep Guard Recruiters Guild is where you can go to get a job, and become a Waterdavian Guard for a time. The Quest is to find guard the streets from Xanathar Thieves. Once you kill 10 of these Thieves, you will need to return to the Guard's Guild and receive your commendation and quest XP.


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NPC Quest The Carpenter is out of lumber. He asks you to go out into the Tradeway and bring back some lumber he has cut down already. Once you do this, return with the Lumber to the Carpenter, and receive your Quest reward and XP.  [New as of Version 1.93]

W These are a few Small homes a player with a high lock picking skill can enter, and rob these houses. Be warned, as you never know what or who is inside at the time of robbery. (Thieves can pick their locks and rob them) 
[New as of Version 1.93]


The Xanathar Thieves Guild has sent out some lower level thieves to rob the passers by of the Docks Ward. This relates to another quest YOU can take at the Guard Recruiters Guild to go after and kill these Thieves for a reward. The "X" is where some of their ambush areas are!


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Trollmoor Trolls Attack Guards randomly at this location. Beware, if they spawn on top of you, and you are not a high enough level, RUN! If you are high enough level, go ahead and wipe them out fast, because the Guards have Arrows of Harm. (Gotta love those).


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This is Mirt the Money Lenders Mansion. It was previously called the Waterdeep Castle, but I later learned that the Waterdeep Castle is in the Castle Ward. Mirt's Mansion is very nice and spacious, he will lend you as much money as you need, but he will take and some of your XP points until you repay him. He will soon have some Quests for players in a future update!

Tips & Hints By Players
If you have some tips for Waterdeep's Dock Ward Email Us


Sewer Locations Fast

Ok, say you want to get somewhere really fast in the Sewers, and you don't want to wade through tons of Monsters. What you can do, is walk to the closest sewer entrance above on Waterdeep's Dock district, and enter it from there, cutting your time down greatly.




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