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Last Updated on June 20th, 2020

Ironworks nearing 600 Live Streams on Youtube!
In a few short Years (2 or so) I've been making Ironworks a name on Youtube and have an account on Twitch--although I don't use it much yet. 

I am mainly on You tube. We stream all kinds of games--RPGs as usual, but also the new Quake Champions, Indy Games, old school DOS games like System Shock  2 (See below!) I stream in high quality and have a pretty good Mic as well. Check us out!

As we know, the Forum is getting slow, but we can still have fun and chat while we play a game - (Multiplayer with one of you) or solo and we can chat as I play!! Here is the link to my Youtube: Click Here for Ironworks You Tube Channel.

(Subscribe and click the bell for all notifications-don't worry, I don't post more than 1-2 a day, and some days I take off. Also Discord channel Ironworks Gaming.

Ironworks Forum is Online!
It's back, and it's the fastest it's ever been! Come check it out, and join in the conversations! The new server is great, and no data was lost.

New Forum Software Update
I have been working mostly on the new graphics and 'themed colors' for the new forum software IWF will be moving to, and it is taking a lot of time, but will be done soon. I can convert everything over to the new forum--posts, member accounts, but NOT PM's.

So back those up if you wish to keep them! Also, the new software will issue you a new, random password since it cannot convert the old one--encrypted--so every member will be emailed their new password when we make the switch, so
MAKE SURE YOUR CURRENT EMAIL ADDRESS IS CORRECT, or you'll not be issued your new password.

EFU Patch v1.3 Released!!
EFU Patch 1.3 has been released! It has been broken up into two rar files. You NEED both.
This patch also adds a different TLK file, so read the readme file for directions on where to put it.

This patch includes even more custom content designed by myself, and adds new tilesets, weapons, monster models, and more.

MASSIVE Hakpak Patch v1.3
Coming Soon!

Since the New NWN Patch v1.68 was just released, I will be updating our Massive hakpak with a brand new patch. This one will be smaller, and has mainly fixes the NWN patch messed up, but there IS great new content as well. Keep an eye out for it in the weeks ahead!

MASSIVE v1.0 (Codename) Hakpak Released
After 14 Months, hundreds of hours of work, the brand NEW Escape From Undermountain Hakpak is released!

MASSIVE v1.0 is large. Over 500Mb. I have two versions of it for download. A 'one big file' or a 'bunch of smaller files' to download. Your choice, both will be the same.

Not only does this hak add nearly
ALL the best custom content from the most professional modders, but I have created a substantial amount of custom content myself. Tiles, Placeables, weapons, creatures, body parts, icons and everything else! Over 1000 new placeables alone are in the hak! Keep Checking the forums today for the links to download Massive!

Release to be right after NWN 1.67 Patch!
Wow, it's finally nearing release! I have put so many hours -- 100's of hours into this all new hak, and LOADS of it is custom made by me--3D Models, and all. Expect this hakpak to change Undermountain in many ways. The release will be a few days after the release of the latest NWN Patch, which will be v1.67. And will also add new stuff! I just need a few days to do last minute checks, and make sure everything is working right, and after more than a year in development, YOU get to enjoy this!

Escape from Undermountain
Official Portrait Pack Released!

The Official Escape from Undermountain Portrait Pack 1 has been released! It is NOT necessary to have this to play EFU, but it is HIGHLY recommended that you do. Each of these portraits have been downloaded from IGN, and I would like to thank each artist for these amazing portraits--Only the best have been added, and they are amazing.

There are
two flavors (each the same). Download the all in one pack, which is 72MB, or for the dial-up people, I have split the huge file into 10.5Mb and there are 8 files.

 Download the Portrait Pack 1


Escape from Undermountain CEP Hotfix Released
This fix will correct a bug with the human female heads hak that the latest Neverwinter Nights Patch messed up. Go to this thread in the EFU forum to download the patch!

Visit the Escape from Undermountain NWN Mod website!
Click HERE to enter it. - Remember, all news, and all the downloads, hakpaks and such will be there!
View Screenshots and coming soon, all the levels will be detailed with help on each area!

New MMORPG Forum Opened!
Covers any Online Multiplayer Gaming Realm. Be it, EverQuest I/II, World of Warcraft, Lineage I/II, Ultima Online, Guild Wars,  or any other MMORPG! Discuss it here! Start Guilds, Parties, or anything, even post your play times and schedules, so others can meet you in game!

Escape from Undermountain
NWN Mod News
The Mod Ironworks is running, "Escape from Undermountain" (EfU) is now online 24/7!! And updates are now daily as well as a active Forum just for 'EfU'. Visit the Escape From Undermountain Forum by clicking Here


Neverwinter Nights Mod 'Escape from Undermountain' Server Status


If you want to know if the Ironworks Neverwinter Nights Mod "Escape from Undermountain" is online at any time, simply click on the image above, and it will tell you if it is online, and if so, who is in the game playing.
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