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Latest News...

Patch 1.69 is Released!

NWN 1.69 Last Patch
Bioware has released their final Patch 1.69.
This patch has been in the works for over a year, and adds tons of new tilesets, placeables, a prestige class and RIDABLE HORSES!
EFU has update the Server to 1.69

April 7, 2017
EFU Server will be back online soon!!

I've been adding to it over these last few Months, and may go ahead and put it back online before I am done with the new final levels. (Once EFU is done, I will be releasing it as a full download! (The crowds rejoice!) :). But I want to run it online for a while, testing new areas out when I open them to the public. Can't WAIT!! Your meeting with Halaster is coming..

April 5, 2017
Fixed Download Links for Massive Mod

Since Filefront messed my hosting up, I remembered that I upgraded our bandwidth by a huge amount. So, I am now hosting the Massive Mod files. Remember, you need all three big files as well as CEP to log into EFU.

New Undermountain 'Levels' Added!
I have finished pages for Undermountain
Level 1
, Level 5 and Working on the massive
Waterdeep's Docks
page now! Check them out! Each Map will show you where all the enemies are, as well as the treasure, NPC's, Quests and more!

New Web Design Launched!

Over the coming days, you will see the brand new EFU Website be finished, with each level of Undermountain being full of great information!

Some of it, even the most hardcore player may not know! Also, secret areas will be revealed and much more!

Fixed Broken Download Links

Filefront reset the file links, so I had to re-upload each file. All is back to normal now, and those of you asking about this are now able to download the hakpaks!

Escape From Undermountain Update

In the coming week, the in-game year in the game will advance to
1375 DR. This will change many areas throughout the world. Coming Soon!

Winterfest at the Yawning Portal

The yearly Winterfest is on again in the Yawning Portal Inn and Tavern! Inside, you can open presents under the Tree (one per server reset) and many new, and powerful items await!

You may even find the new
[legendary] items, 2 of which are Drizz't Do'Urden's Swords Icingdeath and Twinkle!

New Stores Opened

One of a bunch of new stores opened in Waterdeep! Visit
Voo's Magical Shoppe! Many unique items, and where you'll need to buy magical scrolls.

New Underwater Level Opens!
The first ever
underwater level is now open!
You will need to find water breathing potions to stay alive down there, or you will die. You will find the new level off of the Lake of Shadows Dungeon (which is a break away of level thirteen proper).

You can find some water breathing potions there.

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